Positive News 10th February 2009

The Halifax House Price Index showed an increase of 1.9% in the price of an average house in January 2009 – most journalists have either ignored this or said they thought it was blip. Georgiana Head Recruitment disagrees as Georgiana says: ‘I think that the press think that at the moment any positive news isn’t likely to be true – so they have largely ignored the Halifax”s findings. You would have thought it would be front page news! I believe that businesses and individuals have decided that they can’t prevaricate any longer and are making the decision to buy property or recruit. We’ve certainly seen an increase in tax jobs through January and early February.

I think people have realised that you can’t hold out forever for ‘the bottom of the market’. I’ve seen it from a very personal level – having finally sold our house in November last year after it being on the market for 16 months we have been looking to buy another property. I’ve found that the Yorkshire market has picked up and last week I was gazumped over a house for which I had made an offer over the asking price. In particular houses that have just come on to the market seem to be selling quickly – we were interested in 3 properties and all have sold for above the asking price and within 2 weeks of coming on to the market. Property website Globtrix reported that they had seen traffic double to their site in January and searches were up 71%. Estate agents have reported an increase of activity particularly at the first time buyer end of the market. Its likely that the steep interest cuts and lower house prices are tempting people back into buying. So it’s quite possible that the Halifax ‘got it right’ and there is some New Year optimism out there’.

‘Whilst, you shouldn’t place too much emphasis on one month’s figures – I see it as positive news. Another sign of new year optimism is that our December review of vacancies showed just over 100 active tax roles in the UK, the review I have just completed shows that Georgiana Head Recruitment is currently dealing with 155 active vacancies. Whilst, I may not be an economist -even I can see in the current market that this is a significant increase’.

For further information about these roles call Georgiana in confidence on either 0113 280 6766 or 07957 842 402.

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