Positive news 12th June 2009

On Friday 5th June Georgiana attended the Yorkshire International Business Convention in Harrogate as a guest of Forward Ladies the networking group. So how did she end up on stage singing in front of 1,000 business people?

“Basically Dave Stewart was giving a talk on Creativity in Business, he started to write a song with the audience and asked for a volunteer who could sing, to come up and sing it with him. I just found myself standing up! Dave Stewart is a real hero of mine, I have seen the Eurthymics live several times and ‘Revenge’ is one of the defining albums of my childhood.

Whilst I certainly am not Annie Lennox, I do sing in a church band and have always regretted not joining a band in uni and being a backing singer. So I just thought, if I don’t do this, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life, and I stood up! I spent about 10 minutes on stage, and Dave shook my hand twice. He came across as a really nice chap and told me how to sing the song. I was nervous but managed to sing in tune. In fact I was more nervous when I got off the stage and realised what I had done, especially as many of my clients were there.  I was worried about people’s reactions but everyone has been lovely, in fact two people asked me if I was a ‘plant’ and a professional singer – so I’ll be dining out on that for years!”

The YIBC convention was a great success with speakers like John Cleese, Matt Pritchard (the cartoonist from the Telegraph) and Tim Smit (the Eden Project visionary. For information about next year’s conference which is being held on the 11th of June 2010 see http://www.yibc.biz/

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