Positive News 27th February 2009

Georgiana Head Recruitment are pleased to report that there are still tax jobs available in the UK – we counted 156 live vacancies at last count, and we have had 5 offers for 5 seperate candidates over the last 5 days!

As Georgiana says: 'Whilst times may be more tricky at present – there are roles out there and with some positive thinking and ingenuity we are helping people get new jobs in tax. In the last month we have helped advise 3 candidates on setting themselves up in business, and in the last 5 days we have managed to get really good offers through for 5 candidates, 2 of who are returning to the work place after being made redundant at the end of last year.'

'We have some really exciting opportunities in the pipe line and are feeling very bullish about 2009'.

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