Positive News 3rd February 2009

We were amused to read last week that the Yorkshire 'The Business Desk'. The Business Desk provide daily business news in an email and online format for the Yorkshire Business community. Founded by he former business editor of the Yorkshire Post David Parkin. We thought the article below sounded very familiar!

 ''THEBUSINESSDESK.COM has launched a search to find the companies bucking the downturn.

In response to calls from our users, we are aiming to find and publish even more positive stories which show how innovative Yorkshire companies led by strong entrepreneurs are swimming against the rising tide of bad news.

Since our launch in November 2007 we have always aimed to be a cheerleader for Yorkshire business, reporting on its unique entrepreneurial spirit and introducing sections aimed at SMEs, property and finance.

While we accept that the UK faces its toughest economic outlook in a generation, we also recognise that there are plenty of business people striving to grow their firms despite the downturn and we will look to highlight their stories as uplifting examples of good news.

David Parkin, Editor of TheBusinessDesk.com, said: "While not wishing to underestimate the impact of the current downturn and the effect it is having on company finances and jobs, our users are really keen for us to highlight some good business news to shine some light on what has become a relatively gloomy outlook for business.

"Our users have made the point to us that the national media are increasingly focused on the latest corporate victims of the downturn and rarely balance that with anything positive.

“They have liked the positive approach we have taken to stories when we can and given the current climate, would like to see that more than ever.

"We understand that despite the gloom there are some great businesses out there that deserve to have their stories highlighted. Our audience is made up of people in high level roles across the region and they understand that if we all just accept that the outlook is bad and getting worse then no business will look at opportunities to grow."

As Georgiana says ' Its good to see someone else trying to wave the flag and note that there are still positive things happening in the business community'. 

Georgiana Head Recruitment apologies for the lack of news on our site last week – holidays and a bug got the better of us.  


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